iWire Productions Big Idea


What’s our idea of a great idea?

Great ideas are easy to spot – they’re the ones that make you say “I wish I’d thought of that” – but harder to define. Even so, a great idea does bear certain hallmarks. It’s simple and bold. It’s authentic to the brand. It’s engaging, memorable and enduring. And big enough to influence everything a brand does. Great ideas are central to what we do. In fact, they’re the closest thing we’ve got to a house style.

How do we come up with great ideas?

Through blood, sweat and tears with lots of tea and coffee!
By finding out everything there is to know about a brand. We dig deep and ask awkward questions. We unlock stories. All of this helps us to gain that extra little bit of insight that can be turned into something big.

Why do we believe it’s so important?

Our creative philosophy is simple: whether you’re a start-up challenger or a 200 year-old icon, you still need a great idea if you want to connect with people.